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On the Fly

On the Fly

  • Two Days of Pay for Play

    Are Pay-for-Play fishing clubs the way to conservation or just a way to get a good rod fee? An invited guest’s observations at “The Club.”

On the Fly

Fly Tying

  • Tube Flies

    Tube Fly by Glista

    Tube Flies are an exciting twist on streamer patterns. Keep in mind I tie them mainly for steelhead and Atlantic salmon, but some of them should work…

Fly Tying


  • Hard to breathe when you are under water.

    Death of an Angler

    Matthew Poore

    There can be a big leap between the person you were born to be and the person you were raised to be. Hopefully it works out for you either way.


  • Meet John Doe, you need it in your collection.

    Meet John Doe

    I once was blind, but now I see.

    Our first in the Essentials series and why I think you should own “Meet John Doe”.

Dig This

Dig This

  • Cicada - Hazmat Modine

    Like the Cicada, underground for so long Hazmat Modine has emerged from touring and the studio with a veritable garden of sound, and they brought friends too!


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