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About BAA

by BAA Staff | Last Updated: 07.13.2011 |

Befuddled Angler’s Almanac is a yet another, fly fishing web site, sort of… It’s really more of an idea that goes beyond fly fishing… an idea about everything.

All Hail King Drake

An idea about living AND laughing through a life more engaged with the outdoors, literature, humor, music,
arts, food and culture, and the sport that shapes that way of life. It is about truly appreciating the richness of the
environment we fish in and understanding how that can enrich one’s life beyond the streams we fish.

An idea that there is little in this world we all haven’t seen...but there is always a new way for us to see it.

“The Idea” is our mantra.

BAA is a fly fishing/outdoor/literary hybrid that will provide a media rich experience covering fresh and saltwater fishing and the stories behind them. Look around we have lots of space here to fill. But now that we have let ourselves out of the box, there is no telling what you may find here.


With all nobility aside, BAA was an idea born in 2007 out of close proximity, the need for a bike and a desperate need for attention. 4 years later, it is stumbling from a womb of beer soaked conception and vanity, a full grown body with a chilld like mind, crippled by arrested development -- for better or for worse. BAA is the collaborative brain child of Matthew Poore and Bill Pridgen, decidedly two of the most average fly fishers you could find -- the befuddled and deeply flawed.


Does the sport of fly fishing need BAA, probably not, but the befuddled angler does and there were no other jobs available.